Christopher Edward Cottier and Petra Mary Dorssers

Douglas Joseph Cottier

Julia Mary Margaret Downie

Theodore Batholemew Dorssers

Mary Helen Engelen

RAF Officer & Finance Executive, Anglo-American



b 25 September 1921
Liverpool, England

b 13 January 1926
Ashton-on-Mersey, England

b 10 March 1928
Helden-Panningen, Netherlands

b 10 July 1933
Herkenbosch, Limburg, Netherlands

d 22 April 1984
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

d 27 Feb 2006
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

m 23 May 1945 Cape Town, South Africa

m 20 January 1953 Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada

Christopher Edward Cottier

Petra Mary Dorssers

Investment Advisor, Vancouver, Canada

Certified General Accountant, Vancouver, Canada

b 9 September 1951 Pretoria, South Africa

b 12 May 1955 Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada

m 9 August 1986 West Vancouver, Canada

Douglas Gordon Cottier

Anna Mary Cottier

Graduated BA Cum Laude, University of Southern California

BA Student at University of Victoria, British Columbia

b 11 April 1990 North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

b 5 June 1991 North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Family Groups

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