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Welcome to George Downie's family history home page, which is dedicated mainly to the Downie name

Here are two links to the pages containing information about George's Downie ancestors from 1743 and many others who married into his family

Family Groups and Updates

George Downie's Ancestor Chart

The earliest known ancestor is John Downie or Dounie, born in Govan, Lanarkshire

George lives in Carlisle, England and in 2012 George passed over the running of his website to Ian Downie, who will continue to update it as more information comes in.

In February 2013, Ian set up the eventual replacement for this website, Dumfriesshire Downies (opens in a new window).
This site will remain live and will continue to be updated until all the information on it has been checked and put up on the new website.

Links to other websites (open in new windows)

Graeme Gordon who lives in Perth, Western Australia

Robert Downie who lives in Dunoon, Scotland - website includes a history of the Downie name

Ian Downie's website for information about many different Downie families

Please contact me on the e-mail address below if you think you may be related to George's family

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